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Tarasola Decor is an elegant terrace canopy which is manually controlled. A light roofing creating a wave-design is not only a good cover but also an interesting decorative touch emphasizing the nature of the particular place. Decor terrace pergola is a perfect option for people who look for a compromise between functionality and price.

The most characteristic feature of this construction is visual lightness—in reality its structure is very solid thanks to the aluminium mouldings used. The construction is made of a technical three-layer material which is resistant to rain, warming up and UV. The greatest asset of the Decor Tarasola is a fact that it can be installed on the already existing constructions.

Product characteristics:

  • A unique option for the already existing installations, which aims to enrich the roof in the new design and quality.
  • It is possible to drain off the water in the desirable direction thanks to various options of lashing the cloth to the runners. A simplified guttering system enables roof users to drain the water to only one of the roof sides.
  • An easy and surprisingly effortless manual steering with a rope.


Radiant heating—principle of the system’s functioning is very simple and based on the most natural way of passing the heat energy—analogical to Sun-Earth scheme. Heat energy emitted by a radiant heater is effective and accessible immediately. Due to this principle we reach the level of the most effective heat energy usage. Infrared illuminators provide the most economical use of the charged energy in a zone or station heating. Revolutionary short-wave Infra Red technology used in our radiant heaters guarantees an immediate comfort of feeling the warmth just after turning them on.







Colour scheme of the mouldings

Cream-white colour similar to RAL9010

Anthracite metallic colour similar to RAL 7016

Any RAL colour (surcharge)

Wood-like varnish (surcharge)