Elegancy terrace canopy is the most universal and popular canopy among our clients. This product fits into any architectonical frames and due to its flexibility—it is possible to create a cover which is reliable in any conditions. It combines simplicity and luxury. Thanks to modern technological solutions introduced to its structure, it is an easy and practical option.

This kind of canopy is made of a Tech-protect fabric, which is a technical three-layer material. The construction of the terrace pergola consists of an aluminium basis, a shed roof and a systemic canopy which protects the material when folded. Elegancy Tarasola is an extremely permanent and enduring product which is resistant to wind—it works even if the wind power reaches 120 km/h. It is also impervious to rain, warming up and UV. Water is drained off through the integrated guttering system which is hidden. The product is adjusted to having blinds, glazing, lightning and heat radiators installed which enables its users to change their patios at their choice. Elegancy terrace pergola can be used from an early spring till the late autumn.

It is a timeless and multifunctional cover for a relax space. Therefore carefully selected elements of the additional equipment can make a terrace, restaurant garden or patio the most important place intended to be used for chilling out, parties or family dinners. 

Product characteristics:

  • Total water resistance after the roof’s unfolding. A well-developed guttering system makes the Elegancy terrace pergola very useful when it rains.
  • Remotely controlled roof can be folded accordingly to your needs.
  • Thanks to the modular joining of the elements, it is possible to cover an area of any size with our terrace canopies. The minimum number of the struts allows to plan the land use freely.
  • It is resistant to the extremes of temperature and UV rays.
  • It is resistant to wind, it works even if the wind power passes 120 km/h.
  • The roof does not heat up. As a result, it is possible to spend time under the roof even if the temperature outside is very high.
  • It is possible to install the side panels which aim is to protect from wind, changing temperature or rain. Consequently, the ‘outdoor season’ can be prolonged.
  • LED spotlights enable the roof users to enjoy it at dusk as well as at night.


  1. Retractable fabric
  2. Roller blinds - ZIP screeners
  3. Sliding glass panels
  4. LED spotlights
  5. Audio system
  6. Infrared heater
  7. Sensors: rain, wind, snow
  8. Automatic control


9010 ST Cream-White colour similar to RAL 9010

9007 Grey aluminum colour similar to RAL 9007

7016 ST Anthracite - Metallic colour similar to RAL 7016

RAL palette - any color (surcharge)

Wood-like coating (surcharge)


9016 White colour similar to RAL 9016

1013 Cream colour similar to RAL 1013

RAL palette - any color (surcharge)



An integrated lightning is surely an additional element making every terrace canopy more functional. High quality spotlights or lightning strips are great tools which might be used in order to create an amazing aura, at any moment and at any time. The integrated lightning offers an unlimited number of possibilities. The light may appear in a form of a warm white, cold white or RGB blush. LED points integrated into the windproof beams or roof fins can be easily managed with a remote control.



Infrared heating—principle of the system’s functioning is very simple and based on the most natural way of passing the heat energy—analogical to Sun-Earth scheme. Heat energy emitted by a radiant heater is effective and accessible immediately. Due to this principle we reach the level of the most effective heat energy usage. Infrared illuminators provide the most economical use of the charged energy in a zone or station heating. Revolutionary short-wave Infra Red technology used in our radiant heaters guarantees an immediate comfort of feeling the warmth just after turning them on.



The main task of the external screen blinds is to protect the terrace as well as building from an excessive sunlight and warming up. Blinds additionally shade and cover the room. They provide an optimal protection from sunlight when installed on big glazed surfaces. Blinds construction is made of an extruded aluminium which is powder-coated in the colour of your choice from the RAL colour palette. A wide range of systems is selected individually to each of the projects. It makes the system the most universal cover for the terrace canopies’ sides. We offer a wide range of materials (cristal foil included) which are completely resistant to tough weather conditions.



Glass system stands for being close to nature and keeping the distance in the same time. As its installation is not complicated and it offers many benefits for its users, it fits into any architectonical context and can be installed in various spaces such as pergolas, balconies, terraces and conference rooms. These mouldings protect against tough weather conditions: wind, rain, snow, dirt and noise, not limiting the visibility. Non-frame sliding mouldings are almost invisible when closed. Glass used in the construction is safe for use. System allows using from 2 to 10 mouldings which move on trolleys.