An integrated lighting is surely an additional element making every terrace canopy more functional. High quality spotlights or lightning strips are great tools which might be used in order to create an amazing aura, at any moment and at any time. The integrated lightning offers an unlimited number of possibilities. LED points integrated into the windproof beams can be easily managed with a remote control.

Non-invasive terrace lamps

The outdoor lighting is integrated into the structural beams of your pergola, without interfering with the overall concept of space utilization. On the contrary, discreetly placed, they will provide a pleasant ambiance and light up the terrace, balcony, and garden areas.


Types of lighting:


LED Spot

LED Spot lighting consists of small, round diodes that emit light in a single color. The pinpoint LED lighting creates an attractive visual effect and provides adequate illumination during twilight. It can be mounted on the beams and louvers of the pergola to create a warm and pleasant lighting atmosphere on the terrace.


Temperature: Warm white light 3000K

Voltage: 24V

Dimension: 23 mm (diameter)




LED Strip White

LED Strip White is a flexible tape with built-in LED diodes that emits warm white light. The LED strips are available in various lengths, allowing them to be adapted to even very large surfaces.


Temperature: Warm white light 3200K

Voltage: 24V

Dimension: Customizable to the structure





LED Strip RGB is a tape that allows you to achieve different colors of light by mixing primary colors in various proportions. RGB strips are popular in decoration and lighting due to their ability to create different colors and visual effects. They enable smooth color transitions, flickering, and pulsating. The LED Strip also includes cool white color.


Temperature: No color temperature

Voltage: 24V

Dimension: Customizable to the structure





LED Box usually consists of several LED diodes that emit warm and soft light, creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Due to its small size, this lighting can be mounted on the beams or louvers of the pergola. It is popular for its natural color, which is similar to traditional incandescent lighting.


Temperature: Warm white light 3000K

Voltage: 24V

Dimensions: 125 mm x 35 mm




LED Line

LED Line lighting consists of LED diodes placed along a 51 cm panel. This allows it to emit more light than smaller lighting options, providing good visibility around the terrace canopy and creating a pleasant atmosphere. With this lighting, you can highlight and accentuate certain elements of the garden or terrace, enhancing their aesthetics and visual appeal.


Temperature: Warm white light 3200-3300K

Voltage: 24V

Dimensions: 510 mm x 23.6 mm


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