Bioclimatic pergola with integrated ZIP screener

Technic Pro is distinguished from other models by its integrated screener ZIP. The absence of an additional cassette for the screener ZIP makes the design look very elegant and modern. The roof allows the angle of the louvres to be adjusted to personal preference. In the closed position, the roof protects from the sun, rain and snow, while in the open position it dispenses the amount of light entering the terrace and provides natural ventilation.

Dedicated to modern terraces, often with a large surface area, which you wish to equip with screener ZIPs. Ideal for use as a garden pavilion, extension of the home’s living space, or terrace cover for restaurants.

Key features

Integrated screener ZIP
100% aluminium construction
Roof with rotating louvres, adjustable from 0 to 135 degrees
Patented water drainage system with a double gutter
Limitless modular expansion options
Sun, rain, and snow protection
Wind resistance up to 160 km/h
Possible full side enclosure
Compatible with the installation of all available accessories
Automatically controlled via remote or mobile application


  • Pavilon

  • Gardena

  • Tende


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