This is a new version of the flagship roofing which is Tarasola Technic. Thanks to the introduced changes it is much more functional and visually attractive. The reduction of screw connections to a minimum gives the roof a modern character and makes it pleasing to the eye. A distinctive feature, which undoubtedly influences usability and design, is the integrated roller blind system inside the canopy frame. As a result, the structure has gained a minimalist, cubic form.

Moreover, thanks to the application of this solution, equipping the canopy with both screen and glazing roller blinds looks much more elegant, as it does not require the presence of a separate ZIP cassette protruding outside the construction. The water drainage system of the lamellas has also been modified for this model, with more advanced solutions to reduce the splashing of drops and their entry under the canopy.

It has been sealed so that the drained water is invisible to the eye, thanks to special surfaces that catch the drops in the slats. The introduced modifications significantly increase the comfort of use and make the roofing more resistant to changes in weather conditions. As a result, Tarasola Technic Pro is an almost year-round structure, whose assembly is easier than the current model – Tarasola Technic.

Integrated roller blind system.
Patented drainage system.
Rotating aluminum louvres, 0 -135 degrees.
Automatic control.
Modular system.
Resistant to wind, 160 km/h.


  • Pavilon

  • Gardena

  • Tende


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