Innovative garage roofing


The Tarasola Carport is a modern parking space. It is a solid, fixed roofing that protects your car from the sun, rain, wind and snow. The minimalist form, aesthetically pleasing finish, with no visible fixings and a choice of colours allows the Carport to fit into any environment.


Roof with photovoltaic panels

The fixed roof will provide the opportunity for the installation of photovoltaic panels and the use of the resulting electricity to power household appliances or to charge an electric car.


Available in 22 kW, 32A, and 3-phase power level. It has a Demand Limitation Pro feature that allows charging at the maximum available power without exceeding it.

Bottom roof – fabric (option)

As an additional option, a bottom roof can be ordered to cover the exposed roof sheet visible from below. The underside of the roof is then made of an aesthetically elegant fabric with beams in which LED lights can be fitted.

Option with a polycarbonate roof

A carport with a polycarbonate roof is the perfect solution that not only effectively protects the car from weather conditions, but also provides access to natural sunlight while protecting against UV radiation.

Option with a utility room

Equipping the carport with a utility room enhances its functionality, allowing for the storage of tools, garden equipment, bicycles, or car accessories.

Integrating the utility room into the carport structure allows for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the home environment.

Maximum dimensions

Carport One-station:

Roof made of trapezoidal sheet metal: maximum dimensions 400×590 cm or 400×690 cm with additional supporting profile.
Roof made of polycarbonate: 400×550 cm or 400×700 cm with additional supporting profile.

Carport Two-stations:

Roof made of trapezoidal sheet metal: maximum dimensions 600×590 cm or 600×690 cm with additional supporting profile.
Roof made of polycarbonate: 600×550 cm or 600×700 cm with additional supporting profile.

There is also the possibility of covering a large area, such as parking lots, by adding additional modules.




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Bottom roof with the fabric


Fixed ceiling panel

LED lighting

Glazing system

Fixed wall panel

Infrared heater

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Utility room

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