Tarasola Flat is a solution which was created especially for modern architecture. Keeping the right angles makes it fit into the modern architectural forms perfectly.

Its construction comprises of mouldings made of extruded aluminium, foldable canopy made of fabric and systemic canopy. Standard canopy is made of Tech-protect fabric, which is a technical three-layer material produced especially for this kind of canopies. It is completely waterproof, overshadowing, protects the surface under the canopy from heating and UV. The roofing was designed in a way to enable the wedged-cut material to drain the water to one of the canopy’s sides freely. Water is passed to the support profiles through the side guttering and then, drained off to the outside.

The most characteristic features of this construction are visual lightness and simplicity, whereas its structure is very solid and adjusted as well as resistant to the tough and changing weather conditions.

Tech-protect fabric.
Automatic control.
Modular system.
Resistant to wind, 120 km/h.


  • Pavilon

  • Gardena


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