Tarasola Light is a modern product created especially for the medium and big terraces. Its characteristic feature is thrift in case of joining with simultaneous preservation of durability and stability of the construction. Gutter strips are not visible when the canopy-fabric is folded. Rainwater flows freely into the front part of the roofing.

This construction is made of the extruded aluminium mouldings and has to be attached to the wall of the building. Thanks to the affixation of the rails and supporting mouldings, there emerges a modern and visually light product. Standard canopy is made of a Tech-protect fabric, which is a technical three-layer material produced especially for this kind of canopies. It is completely waterproof, overshadowing, protects the surface under the canopy from heating and UV. It is also equipped with a systemic canopy which protects the material when folded. It is possible to install some additional elements such as an integrated lighting and heat radiators. Tarasola Light is a product tailored especially for a demanding client—its aim is to protect all users from sun and rain.

Tech-protect fabric.
Modern design.
Resistant to wind, 50 km/h.
Solid, aluminium construction.


  • Gardena


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