Unique double-roofed pergola

The Cubic was created out of the need for a flat roof, but one that also provides good protection from precipitation. This is how we developed the model, which has a double, stretched roof with a drainage system.

The upper layer is designed to provide effective protection, while the lower layer provides an aesthetically pleasing finish. Both layers can be opened to enjoy unlimited space. The simple, cubic form fits in perfectly with the modern architectural style, and the possibility of modular expansion meets the needs of the HoReCa industry. Ideal for use as a garden pavilion, extension of the home’s living space, or roofing mounted to the existing structure.

Key features

Double roof
Flat, retractable roof (both layers)
Patented water drainage system
Modular expansion possibility
Sun, rain, and snow protection
Wind resistance up to 120 km/h
Possible full side enclosure
Compatible with the installation of multiple accessories
Automatically controlled via remote or mobile application


  • Pavilon

  • Gardena


Louver colours
Construction colours

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