Fixed terrace roofing with polycarbonate roof

The permanent polycarbonate roof of Tarasola Fix not only effectively protects the terrace from weather conditions but also makes the space brighter, visually enlarged, and acquires a more open character. The polycarbonate roof is characterized by high light transmission, thermal insulation, and protection against UV radiation. Tarasola Fix offers customization and decoration possibilities, allowing for adjusting the appearance to individual needs and the aesthetics of the space.

Construction adapted for glass roof installation

The frame of the structure is also adapted for the installation of a glass roof. The transparent roof makes the space brighter, visually enlarged, and gives it a more open character.


Option with fixed wall / ceiling panel

The fixed wall panel is a versatile product that can be used both as partial and complete enclosure for the construction sides. The same panel can be installed on the roof under polycarbonate/glass. Its main purpose is to provide protection against intense sunlight, wind, and rain. It offers partial shading, which is particularly important in areas where a transparent roof can heat up in the sun. The panel creates a unique visual effect, especially when combined with LED lighting.

Tarasola Fix stałe zadaszenie tarasu z tkaniną dolną

Option with Lower Fabric Roof

Optionally, there is the possibility of ordering a lower roof – a fabric that covers the roof from below. In this case, the underside of the roof is made of an aesthetic fabric equipped with beams allowing the installation of LED lighting.

In the case of a glass and polycarbonate roof, the lower roof provides shade to the space under the terrace. On the other hand, with a metal sheet roofing, the lower fabric will hide the visible metal sheet from below, giving the roofing a more aesthetic appearance.

Option with a trapezoidal sheet metal roof

Tarasola Fix, made of aluminum profiles (supporting profiles and frame) and trapezoidal sheet metal (roof), is a perfectly designed terrace roofing that provides protection from the sun, rain, and other weather conditions while allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.


Option with Photovoltaic Panels

A fixed canopy not only protects your terrace but also provides an excellent opportunity to install photovoltaic panels on the roof and use the generated electricity to power household appliances.

When purchased with photovoltaic panels, you can also add a 22 kW, 32A, 3-phase power-level charging station with Demand Limitation Pro function, allowing you to charge at the maximum available power without exceeding it.



Bottom roof with the fabric


LED lighting

Glazing system

Infrared heater

ZIP Screen

Fixed Ceiling Panel

Fixed Wall Panel

Utility room

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