1. Does Tarasola run promotions?

Yes, we run promotions, especially towards the end of the year, to encourage you to place orders during the winter season with implementation in the spring and better plan our activities during the peak season. This helps us plan production better so that there are no delays during the spring-summer period when we receive the highest number of orders. Promotions are not regular. We announce them on our website and social media channels.

We run a limited number of promotions, and they usually do not last long as the discounted price is very favorable in terms of quality and compared to the prices offered by the competition. As a result, our solutions gain an increasing number of customers. Since we want to handle orders responsibly, we do not allow promotions to attract more customers than we can serve.

2. Does Tarasola make winter gardens?

We do not produce typical winter gardens made with warm technology. Tarasola is an alternative to a winter garden. The use of side glazing effectively replaces a winter garden. The opening elements provide full comfort of use from early spring to late autumn. The space does not heat up as it does in a traditional winter garden. In the winter season, the temperature under the roof depends on the number and power of the heating sources used inside. Since the entire structure is considered “cold joinery,” we recommend infrared radiant heaters as the most effective form of heating.

3. Does Tarasola install flooring for the terrace?

We do not install flooring ourselves, but we recommend a trusted contractor and our partner, Prodeck.

4. What is the lead time?

The lead time ranges from 3 to 7 weeks and depends on the size of the project, the type of equipment, and the current order volume.

5. What is the warranty period?

We provide a standard 24-month warranty for the entire product. Additionally, automatics and the roof fabric are covered by a 60-month warranty.

6. Do you provide visualizations?

Yes, we can prepare a visualization for each customer interested (based on precise measurements provided by the client). The cost of the project is 150 EUR.

7. What is the price per square meter?

We prepare cost estimates based on the price lists. This means that the price is not calculated per square meter. We encourage you to contact us via email or phone to inquire about our offer: CLICK HERE>>>

8. What is the VAT rate?

The VAT rate for international sales in the B2B sector is 0% after meeting the requirements specified in international regulations. Please contact us via email >>> CLICK HERE for more details.

9. Can Tarasola be used all year round?

All our products are made of high-quality components and are designed to be exposed to the outdoors throughout the year. They should not be dismantled. However, not all products are suitable for snow loads. If you are interested, please ask our sales representatives for details.

10. Does Tarasola make glass roofs?

We do not manufacture fixed glass or polycarbonate roofing.

11. Does installing a Tarasola require a building permit or other approvals?

Such permits are determined by separate regulations in each country. In this case you need to seek advice from local authorities.

12. How to protect the Tarasola during winter?

Depending on the purchased model of Tarasola, winter preparations may vary. Tarasola Technic and Technic Pro do not require any additional protection. For the Elegancy, Flat, and Cubic models, if you do not plan to use the product during winter, simply fold the roof using the remote control. In case you want to use the product during winter, individual recommendations will be provided. For Tarasola Wave, the roof should always remain in the folded position, and we also recommend protecting the folded fabric from overloaded snow.

13. How to clean and maintain the Tarasola?

None of our products require special maintenance performed by the user. The aluminum structure can be cleaned using standard methods, such as a pressure washer. The cleaning method for the roof depends on the material used. Detailed information will be provided to the customer after purchase.

14. Where can Tarasola be used?

There are no restrictions on where Tarasola can be used. We undertake projects not only on terraces and in gardens but also on balconies, rooftop decks, above swimming pools, on piers, and even on ships. Each project is considered individually.

15. Does Tarasola need to be mounted to the ground and the wall?

We do not need to interfere with the facade – the product is freestanding. We also do not need to anchor it to the ground – we use individually selected methods to stabilize the structure.

16. Does Tarasola provide structural design?

Each order we fulfill is preceded by an individual design prepared for production purposes. For clients who want to see how their roofing will look, we offer visualizations (see point 6 of the FAQ).

17. Can existing roofing be upgraded?

If a particular model offers the possibility of additional equipment, it can be done at any time. With the exception of integrated LED lighting, which is integrated into the structure. Therefore, it must be ordered together with the roofing, and it is not possible to install it after the construction has been mounted. It’s worth informing the salesperson that future upgrades to the tarasola are being considered. In the case of the infrared heaters, ordering them together with the costruction allows for hiding the cables within the structure; otherwise, the installation will be done externally.

18. Can the tarasola be disassembled and moved?

Yes. All our structures are modular. Their disassembly and reassembly causes no problem. Our company also provides such services.

19. In what weather conditions tarasola can be used?

This depends on the type of roofing and additional equipment. The terrace can be comfortably used under the following conditions:

Tarasola Wave without side panels – regardless of sun exposure and with light rain and mild wind.

Tarasola Wave with roll-down side panels – regardless of sun exposure, with light rain, and with moderate wind.

Tarasola Elegancy / Flat / Cubic / Essential without side panels – regardless of sun exposure and even during heavy rain.

Tarasola Elegancy / Flat / Cubic / Essential with roll-down side panels – regardless of sun exposure, even during heavy rain, and with moderate wind.

Tarasola Elegancy / Flat / Cubic / Essential with glass side panels – regardless of sun exposure, even during heavy rain, and with strong wind.

Tarasola Technic / Technic Pro / Technic New without side panels – regardless of sun exposure, even during heavy rain, and during snowfall.

Tarasola Technic / Technic Pro / Technic New with roll-down side panels – regardless of sun exposure, even during heavy rain, during snowfall, and with moderate wind.

Tarasola Technic / Technic Pro / Technic New with glass side panels – always, in all weather conditions.

Instructions for using each model

20. What is the available color range for the fabric and construction?

The aluminum construction can be painted in any solid color from the RAL palette (approximately 230 colors) or in one of the 4 colors of the structural coatings (anthracite, silver, white), or in one of the 10 wood-effect coating with the pattern. The rich selection of colors for the roofing material can be seen on the samples presented by the salesperson during the measurement at the customer’s location.

21. Are foundations required for installing the fixing plates?

The support feet of the construction must be attached to a solid foundation. Our representative individually evaluates the options during the measurements. Sometimes the preparation of foundations is necessary.

22. What are the standard dimensions of Tarasola?

We do not have standard module dimensions. Each piece is custom-made.

23. Can Tarasola be controlled with a smartphone or tablet?

Yes. We offer drives that allow you to control the product (or a group of products) from a mobile device from anywhere in the world.

24. Can Tarasola be connected to a smart building installation?


25. Where can I see the roofing in person?

Tarasola Showroom in Lublin at the company headquarters, as well as Tarasola Showrooms in Opole and Warsaw. Examples of projects completed for individual clients >>> CLICK. Many gastronomic establishments also use our Tarasola – examples of installations >>> CLICK.

26. What is the ordering process like?

Initially, we do not accept individual orders; we only cooperate in the B2B sector. We encourage you to contact us and familiarize yourself with the general terms and conditions of trade.

General trading terms

27. What are the payment terms? Is a deposit required?

For smaller orders, the payment process is two-stage (a part of the order value as a deposit – payable before starting the order execution – and the remaining part as a final payment – payable before shipping the goods).

28. How does the shipment of goods work?

Tarasola is responsible for the shipment of goods. It is one of the conditions for the 0% VAT in international sales. Once your order is manufactured, our logistics department arranges a convenient transport for both parties. After payment is made, our company delivers the goods to the intended destination. The customer is informed in advance about the delivery date, and it should be noted that people must be available on site to offload the goods.

29. Does Tarasola collaborate with architects?

Yes, we have extensive experience in collaborating with architects. We provide assistance and provide CAD files for project preparation. We encourage collaboration.

30. What is the maximum area that can be covered by Tarasola?

Since each project is done individually, we can cover unlimited areas. So far, the largest roofing we have done covered an area of 360 m2.

31. I have an existing construction already. Can I have it covered by Tarasola?

Yes, we offer a special model called Tarasola Wave, which is designed to aesthetically and functionally cover any existing pergola. For stable or reinforced concrete structures, we can also propose alternative coverings. The details are determined individually based on the project or photos of the pergola. Please feel free to contact us!

32. Who is the manufacturer of Tarasola systems?

Tarasola is the manufacturer of its systems from start to finish. We do not engage in any form of roofing sales intermediation.

33. In which country are Tarasola systems produced?

Tarasola is a Polish manufacturer. All our products are developed by Polish engineers and manufactured 100% in Poland.

34. What is the difference between Tarasola products and winter gardens?

A winter garden is a permanent structure, fully enclosed and prepared in a heated construction. Tarasola, on the other hand, is only optionally glazed. Additionally, due to its retractable roof, it is functional not only in winter. It does not heat up as much as a winter garden as its main function is to provide protection against the sun, rain, and wind, rather than retaining heat. Nevertheless, with full glazing and appropriate heat sources, it can effectively serve as a winter garden.

35. Does Tarasola provide foundations for installing support profiles for the construction?

We do not provide foundations; we leave it up to the customer to prepare the foundations independently based on the plan we provide.

36. What material is the Tarasola structure made of?

All Tarasola models are made of powder-coated, extruded aluminum.

37. What material is used for the roofing?

The standard fabric is Techprotect. It is a technical fabric specifically designed for this type of roofing. It is a three-layer fabric that protects against overheating of the surface under the roofing. The fabric is coated on both sides with PVC, which is easy to clean, waterproof, and flame-resistant. This fabric completely blocks sunlight and UV rays.

We also offer specialized fabrics with varying degrees of light transmission. Our salesperson will be happy to show you all the options during the measurement visit.

We hope that we have addressed all your concerns. However, if you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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