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7000 completed projects across Europe.


Modern technological solutions combined with a modern factory guarantee the highest quality.


10 proprietary shading solutions


professional and individual advice, from measurement to assembly


Technologically advanced production plant and innovative solutions guarantee the highest quality

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  • Glazing system

    safe toughened glass that will protect against wind, rain, and temperature changes. Extend the outdoor season until late autumn!

  • Heat radiators

    They’ll keep you warm on cool days and nights and extend the season until late autumn.

  • Audio system

    Play your favorite music while spending time on your terrace and make it an even nicer experience; connect your smartphone with the audio system via Bluetooth.

  • Automatic canopy

    Made of aluminum slats which rotate 135 degrees or from the high-quality, three-layer fabric.

  • Weather sensors

    They will open and close the canopy or the side roller blinds to ensure safety even when you’re not around.

  • LED lighting

    High-quality light points or LED strip lights are the perfect tool to create stunning atmosphere whenever you choose to.

  • Protective roller blinds

    These high-quality roller blinds made of a triple fabric protect against the sun, wind, insects, and ... your neighbors’ watchful eyes. These blinds ensure you can enjoy intimate family gatherings or other special events.

  • Water drainage system

    Water is drained thanks to an integrated gutter system hidden inside the structure's frame.

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