It is a universally accepted truth that it’s better to speak to an investor who wants to earn money with us rather than one who wants to earn money by using us. In the former scenario, establishing cooperation becomes worthwhile for both parties. This is the cooperation model we care about. We believe that proper cooperation will result in joint profits and maintaining high standards.

We are a manufacturer of high-quality automatic terrace canopies that are tailor-made to the requirements of even our most demanding customers. We offer delicate, subtle structures; as well as more expressive ones, with canopies made of aluminum panels. Our wide range of canopies ensures architects and developers can design the installation adjacent to a house or to create a separate gazebo, surrounded by shrubs and trees, in the middle of the garden. Customers will surely appreciate the quality of workmanship, product’s appearance, and the range of possibilities offered to them.

pergole tarasowe
Orion, Lublin

We can install glass covers protecting against wind, roller blinds protecting against insects and the neighbors’ eyes, and heat radiators providing warmth during cold days. Spot lighting mounted in anti-wind bars or strip lights mounted along the arm spending time outdoors is possible even after it gets dark. The Bluetooth-based audio system makes it easy to listen to favorite music, while the option to control it with a remote or a smartphone app is a great convenience which will surely be appreciated. Weather sensors mounted on the roof will properly respond to changing weather conditions when the customer is away from their home.

Nowoczesne zadaszenie tarasowe Tarasola Technic, konstrukcja modułowa z roletami przeciwwietrznymi.
Biurowiec Orion, Lublin

As a manufacturer, we work with architectural offices, interior and landscape designers and architects, as well as developers who wish to add high-quality, automatic terrace canopies to their portfolios.
Our products can be installed adjacent to terraced and detached houses, on house and restaurant terraces, and even on roofs of apartment or office buildings (installation on the 46th floor of the Warsaw Unit skyscraper).

163 / 5 000

The highest mounted terrace roof in Europe.

Watch the video from the assembly of 13 Tarasola Technic structures on the 45th floor of the Warsaw Unit office building in Warsaw.

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