Tarasola stands for automatic canopies for restaurant terraces, hotels, cafes, bars, and small catering facilities. Our products are the perfect finishing touch in a terrace or a garden as well as in restaurants and hotel gardens.

A catering facility customer is demanding. Nowadays, making sure service is professional and cuisine is excellent are the bare minimum. Remarkable interiors and a comfortable patio are important as they allow a customer to enjoy a moment of relaxation – even when it’s rainy, windy or the sun is out in full force. Depending on the weather conditions, the terrace roof can be opened automatically, the side glazing can be spread wide apart, and the nature can thus be brought closer for us to enjoy. On cooler, windy, and rainy days, the built-up roof and walls provide shelter without the need to leave the terrace. Additional equipment, i.e. heat radiators, glazing, shading roller blinds, and lighting ensure additional restaurant space can be created.

Tarasolas are also a much safer and more functional solution than wobbly garden umbrellas. The carefully and thoughtfully designed automatic terrace canopies attracts the customers’ attention. Investing in a modern, automatic terrace canopy is a certain way to provide your customers with the right conditions to relax, regardless of weather conditions.

Strong profiles made of extruded aluminum form the foundation for a modern terrace canopy. It is a high-quality metal that does not deteriorate and does not become covered with rusty stains despite exposure to moisture, frost, and UV radiation. A strong frame supports the retractable roof.

No building permits are required to install a tarasola on a terrace, garden or any other convenient area. We have been trusted by many restaurant owners and proprietors from all over Poland. Experts in the restaurant and hotel industry have distinguished us as an innovative solutions’ manufacturer of hotel equipment – a number of distinctions awarded to many of our projects is a testament to that. Importantly, Tarasola canopies can be extended with additional elements at the user’s discretion. In case you decide to extend your restaurant space, we will simply install additional tarasolas to those already in use.

What are the advantages of installing Tarasola automatic terrace canopies?

  • Restaurant or hotel garden customers get additional space where they can spend their spare time pretty much all year round. No matter whether it’s windy or chilly – your backyard will lure your customers in!
  • You gain additional space for closed events, such as First Communions, birthday parties, graduate thesis and dissertation defense celebration parties, wedding lunches, etc.
  • Canopies will facilitate the organization of large outdoor events as the canopy structure is tightly connected to the façade but without any interference with the building itself.
  • Tarasolas fit any type of architectural development – from a historic palace-style building to modern, austere shapes.
  • Tarasolas are both safer than wobbly umbrellas and – put quite simply – look much better.

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